The Hermitage Club: A Private Mountain in Vermont

The Hermitage Club at Haystack Mountain is a 1,400 acre enclave across West Dover and Wilmington, VT and provides members four seasons of private mountain activities, luxury accommodations and a worry-free safe environment for families of all generations. Ski corduroy all day long. Tee off when you like. Hike and mountain bike in peace. All on your private mountain.

  1. Hermitage Club Invitation
    Hermitage Club Invitation
  2. I was invited to The Hermitage Club for the grand opening of their new clubhouse, and to experience what it's like to be a member. My wife and I drove up from Boston, it a three hour drive. What we experienced was so amazing that it's going to make all our other ski trips, in the Northeast, pale in comparison.
  3. We drove out the Mass Pike and then up 91 North. It's basically a straight shot.
  4. Snap chatting (stevegarfield) my snowy ride out the Mass Pike on route @HermitageClub #MediaTour
    Snap chatting (stevegarfield) my snowy ride out the Mass Pike on route @HermitageClub #MediaTour
  5. Vermont had gotten recent snow and we stopped at a Scenic Overlook to take some photos.
  6. Our accommodations were provided at The Hermitage Inn. We stayed in the new Carriage House.
  7. The Hermitage Inn @HermitageClub #MediaTour  #Snapseed
    The Hermitage Inn @HermitageClub #MediaTour #Snapseed
  8. Tree. #Snapseed edit.
    Tree. #Snapseed edit.
  9. Here's a look inside our room.
  10. There's a common area for those staying here.
  11. Breakfast at the Inn. Possibly the best French Toast ever!
  12. Bacon and French Toast at The Hermitage Inn @HermitageClub #MediaTour
    Bacon and French Toast at The Hermitage Inn @HermitageClub #MediaTour
  13. Wine cellar at the Inn.
  14. The mountain is a short drive from the Inn.
  15. Covered bridge at The Hermitage Inn at @TheHermitageClub #MediaTour
  16. Here's a scale model.
  17. Member lockers are cool. Boot heaters! These lockers have 10 times more space than the lockers at my healthclub!
  18. The main clubhouse is post and beam construction. It's beautiful.
  19. The clubhouse has a nice bar overlooking the mountain.
  20. Here's a look down from the clubhouse to one of the condos on the mountain.
  21. The on-site ski store sells and rents skis.
  22. I loved these boots and skis. At the end of the day, my feet were not sore or cold.
  23. We rested our skis on a ski rack before starting the day. This is what it looked like all day. It was like we were skiing on our own private mouontain. And we were. No lines. No people.
  24. Skiing was so much fun. No one was there. Juat us and the groomed snow.
  25. The fresh snow an the trees made for an unforgettable experience.
  26. Snowmaking equipment could star in the next Star Wars movie.
  27. This fireplace thows off a lot of heat.
  28. Perfect.
  29. Check out this footage I shot with my iPhone. Amazing day for skiing.
  30. Aprés ski.
  31. We had a beffet dinner at the clubhouse.
  32. Back at the Inn.
  33. The view along the road home.