“Steve Garfield is a videoblogging hero. He’s one of the few in the medium that is able to hold an audience, continue to build great content and monetize. I really enjoy Steve’s online charisma and energy, for some reason, his presentation and delivery reminds me of the great Jerry Seinfield.”

Jeremiah Owyang, Web Strategist


"The video community is fortunate to have such a wonderful evangelist  - Steve is thoughtful, patient, personable, ...and able to translate technology into layman's terms"

Karin Klein, Softbank

"Steve Garfield is one of the most highly regarded video bloggers in the country. His work is impeccable, innovative, and he is a PLEASURE to work with!"

Nina Simonds, SpicesofLife.com and Journalist for the NY Times and Oprah Magazine

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“I attended your Blog World presentation. After attending social media events throughout the country, I feel qualified to say that yours was one of the best I’ve attended.” Leonard A. Sipes, Jr.

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"What I love about Steve Garfield's message is that it's inclusive, not exclusive.   Whether he is talking about how to mount my Ipad on my kitchen wall or introducing me to one of his unique guests, Steve makes me feel like I should care about this guest or this topic because he cares about me.  Part of that is being a good communicator.  The good ones keep me around and make me want to comeback by making it matter to me.  Steve doesn't have to work at it because it's how he lives his life.  It's genuine. It's what you get every week on Steve Garfield TV."

Butch Stearns, The Pulse Network

"Steve’s a great interviewer for a couple of reasons. He does his homework, which is wonderful – there’s nothing better than talking to someone who knows what it is you’ve done and why they’re talking to you. He’s also a rarity (unfortunately) in interviewers in that he’s not constantly interrupting you to interject his own opinions."

Christopher S. Penn, Awaken Your Superhero

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Interview: Passion Hit TV

My good friend CC Chapman interviewed me for Passion Hit TV. In this episode hear how I got started with video, what I choose to focus on, and what’s on my bucket list.

Interview: Social Media Examiner

Michael Stelzner interviewed me at Blog World & New Media Expo LA  for Social Media Examiner. In this interview I talk about why you should consider using video for business, how to create quality video on a small budget, and more.

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Steve Garfield, Humorist, writer and author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business, on Twitter @stevegarfield, is a videoblogging pioneer, and knows more ways to get video online - more easily - than anyone. He is a stickler for ease of use and loves to experiment. Steve's an online video host and an advisor and investor in internet startups. He's also Jimmy Fallon's BFF.


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